Our modern industrial world is built of steel, all of it destined by the rules of Mother Nature to turn to dust, by rust.  Or it was, until Zirconia invented a non-toxic, room-temperature, spray-on coating for steel that chemically bonds to the surface to create a layer of ceramic that will never come off and never rust.

This product addresses the $3 Trillion spent annually dealing with corrosion.  Rusty bridges, corroding oil pipelines, the entire electrical grid, etc., all of which is currently rusting away, most of which can instead be sprayed with Zirconia, lasting for generations.

Zirconia, the end of rust.


But… the first product in the market isn’t for steel, it’s for concrete.  CeramycShield is a Ceramic Surface Treatment (CST) that uses nano-Alumina and Zirconia Silicates to renew and preserve concrete surfaces. This dense ceramic polymer wraps around and atomically bonds to all elements in the concrete, shielding the surface from the environment. CeramycShield is not affected by wet/dry or freeze/thaw cycles, and will not peel, flake, chalk, or delaminate in any manner.

Provides a dense, non-nutrient, non-habitat, oxidative surface that prevents microbes from colonizing the concrete surface.

Immune to UV and heat, and maintains a permanent pH 12 that buffers against acid rain (carbonic and sulfuric acid, H2S) and other airborne contaminants.

Reduces surface porosity dramatically to prevent water, road salts and other destructive elements from entering the concrete.

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