Asheba Enterprise

Asheba Enterprise

Ayisha, the third child in a family of ten, had struggled to meet school going costs, watching her mother earn very little money processing shea butter at the bottom of the supply chain. Supported by Camfed in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation’s Innovation Bursary Program, she came up with a business idea that would change the economic dynamics in her community. As the CEO of Asheba Enterprise, she is now working with a co-operative of women to produce shea butter for her value-added products for local, national, and international markets.

“Shea butter was the mainstay of our entire household. Pondering over a business idea, I realized if only I could refine shea butter and reshape notions surrounding it, it could be the best sector to explore. I therefore conducted my baseline, did my market research and was awed by the response. I decided to commit to the shea butter business and thanks to Camfed this business is now a reality,” Ayisha says. “Now organizations and cooperatives call me to train them on shea butter processing and value addition.”

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