August 2017

The How of Business: Luni Libes Interview – Start-Up Tips & Advice

May 2017

EcosystemMarketplace: New Initiative Lends A Helping Hand To Europe’s Green Entrepreneurs

March 2017

ImpactAlpha: Fledge’s Africa Eats fund makes first three investments
Rank&File: How to Break Away From the #1 Killer of Disruptive Design

January 2017

Rank&File: Mentor Whiplash: Advice from Fledge


December 2016 The Year In Social Enterprise And Impact Investing

November 2016

El Comercio: Fledge: “Aceleramos’ start-ups que quieren cambiar al mundo”

October 2016

Huffington Post: Reaching Your Potential Through Partnerships: Lessons Learned from SOCAP 2016

September 2016

Rank&File: Mentor Whiplash


August 2016

GeekWire: Socially-conscious accelerator Fledge raises more cash for new cohort in Peru
Carnegie Mellon Today: Startup Fledglings
African Independent: Bumpy start to success story

June 2016

GeekWire: Better bricks, healthier chickens and more life-changing ideas from the Fledge startup accelerator

May 2016

GeekWire: Seattle startup Evrnu pairs with Levi’s to create first jeans from post-consumer cotton waste


February 2016

Conscious Company Magazine: 8 Leading Accelerators


December 2015 The Fledge Seattle Incubator & $20,000 Seed Capital Is NOW OPEN

November 2015

CNBC: Emerald City start-ups seeing green Seattle-based Fledge hatches 39 social ventures
Sitepoint: If You’re Considering Startup Accelerators Read This

October 2015

Social Entrepreneur: Interview with Luni [or iTunes]
CNBC’s Nightly Business Report: November 5, 2015 [starts at 12:50]
Puget Sound Business Journal: This cab driver-turned-Seattle-entrepreneur may have solved one of Africa’s most deadly problems
CNBC: Emerald City start-ups seeing green
Devin Thorpe: $1,000,000 For Social Good, For Profit
biz21: Building a Startup Accelerator
Xconomy: Seattle Roundup: Simply Measured, Keiretsu + ZINO, Fledge

September 2015

VC4Africa: Zambia’s Zamgoat secures USD 20K investment & acceleration from Fledge via VC4Africa – Meet the investor

June 2015

Seattle Times: Fledge helps socially conscious startups get off the ground
Globalist: New kind of accelerator boosts “fledgling” global startups

April 2015 Startup Accelerator Fledge Spreads Its Wings With Online Version

January 2015

VentureBeat: How to build a world-saving startup


December 2014 Helping Entrepreneurs Fly

October 2014

Your Mark on the World: Amazing, Impactful Innovations at Fledge

SVP Fast Pitch: 2014 Winners (Evrnu)

GeekWire: Startup Week kicks off in Seattle with 60 events

July 2014

B Labs: Best of the World

June 2014

Ninon Speaks: How to go from Idea to Company

May 2014

220 & Change: Fledge: From Idea to Start-Up

Xconomy: “Fledgling” Startups Provide Power, Light, and Food in East Africa

April 2014

Go Green: Green Lines Series | Michael “Luni” Libes, Founder & Managing Director, of B Corp Certified Fledge

University of Washington: For Profit, For Good

March 2014

Reality Crowdfund TV: HUB Seattle / Fledge LLC: Mock Show / Panel Discussion

February 2014

XConomy: Fledge Receives $637,000 New Financing

January 2014 Social Entrepreneurs In Seattle Are Scaling To Change The World



December 2013

CSRwire: If Not Now, When? Exploring Sustainable Initiatives that Need an Extra Push

November 2013

GeekWire: Socially conscious companies: Meet the 4 do-good startups from Fledge’s latest class

B Labs: Best for Community

NextBillion: India’s No. 1 problem is No. 2.

October 2013

Started in Seattle: Fledge

Your Story: 5 global social incubators promoting social entrepreneurship around the world

Triple Pundit: Tansa Clean think the future is shit

August 2013

Wall Street Journal: Michael “Luni” Libes: Build a Company That Matters

July 2013

Off at Kick

June 2013

Hearpreneur: Why did you start your business? (bottom of the page)

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal: ‘Social Purpose Investing’ is next topic in Bainbridge lecture series

The Global Transition to a New Economy: Fledge

May 2013

Northwest Energy Angels: Cleantech Investor Insight Michael “Luni” Libes – Founder & Managing Director, Fledge (The ”Conscious Company” Incubator)

Sustainable Business Oregon: PSU’s Impact program ‘Elevates’ awards finalists

Standing for Something: Seattle shows off entrepreneurial chops with Fledge Demo Night and SIFP 2013

Examiner: Seattle shows off entrepreneurial chops with Fledge Demo Night

April 2013

Northwest Energy Angels: Northwest Energy Angels Key to Fledge’s Series A

Bainbridge Graduate Institute: The Power of Fledge in the Startup Community

Seattle Tacoma News: Fledge Incubator Turns up the Heat

March 2013

Entrepreneur: ‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ Places Importance on Social Consciousness

Xconomy: Women and Startups

Startup Seattle: A “Kick” for all Entrepreneurs

CEO Coach: Conscious Company Incubator

Overdrive: ‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ Places Importance on Social Consciousness

CEO Coach: Entrepreneurship of Necessity

Women in Innovation: Women the Majority in Running Conscious Companies

February 2013

Triple Pundit: Fledge Hatches a Second Clutch of Fledglings

Xconomy: Roundup: Version One Ventures, Scope 5, Gigabit Squared, and Fledge

Seattle Angel Network: Accelerating from 0 to 7 in 4 years: Who will fund Demo Days?

The Capitals: Fledge Raises Funds As ‘Fledgling’ BURN Gets $4m For Africa Factory

Washington Clean Tech Alliance:Northwest Energy Angels Invest $4.7 M

VentureBurn: Incubator Fledge closes funding round as its startup BURN gets cooking

January 2013

Puget Sound Business Journal: Northwest Energy Angels’ clean-tech investments grow with diversity with new cash

GeekWire: Fledge: A startup incubator for socially-conscious startups takes flight with new cash

Xconomy: Fledge Raises Funds As ‘Fledgling’ BURN Gets $4m For Africa Factory



November 2012 Emerging Resources for Social Entrepreneurs: A Handy Guide

Portland State University: Five Great Programs for Social Entrepreneurs Currently Accepting Applicants

PBT: What you should know before you apply for an incubator

October 2012

TriplePundit: A Month of Impactful Innovation

Seattle24x7: Center for Impact and Innovation Opens New Hub for Social Ventures

Economist: Start-up incubators: The road from SURFdom

TriplePundit: Fledge Participants Impact the Lives of Billions

TriplePundit: Conscious Consumers Are the Key to A Sustainable Future

Seattle24x7: Impacting the Lives of Billions

Examiner: Fifty-hour social entrepreneurial challenge spawns 11 potential start-ups

EarthTechling: New Twist On Tech Incubator Helps Fledgling Companies Take Flight

September 2012

Standing for Something: Seattle social entrepreneurial incubator shows off first class of Fledglings

Tray Creative: Fledge: emerging, socially conscious businesses Seattle social entrepreneurial incubator shows off first class of fledglings 7 Social Good and Green Startups Debut at Fledge Incubator

Community Funders: Community-focused Startups in Seatle

TechFlash: SURF Incubator … hosts 40 incubating companies

Startup Seattle: “Consciously” Creating a Startup Ecosystem

Accelerator Gazette: A Q&A with Fledge

TriplePundit: Wants You to Know Your Neighbors

TriplePundit:… Give yourself away

Bainbridge Graduate Institute: Students, Fledglings, and Reality

August 2012

TriplePundit: 6 Components of a Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Geekwire: Fledglings take flight: These 7 startups are looking to make the world a better place

Seattle24x7: Community Sourced Capital: The World You Want to Live In

NextBillion: SIFP and Fledge Form Partnership

Seattle24x7: Meet these Fledgling Startups At “Fledge” During the “Next 50″ Month of Innovation

Accelerator Gazette: Seattle’s Fledge announces inaugural class

Xconomy: Seven Socially Minded Startups to Take Flight at Fledge

Northwest Innovation: Fledge Takes on Socially Conscious Startup Incubation

July 2012 (video): Interview with Fledge founder Michael “Luni” Libes A Fresh Take on Startup Accelerators for Social Enterprise

June 2012 Will Seattle Become the Capital of Social Entrepreneurship?

Sustainable Business Oregon: Fledge sets out to incubate ‘conscious’ companies

Sustainable Seattle: Fledge: The Socially Conscious Company Incubator

May 2012

Washington Clean Technology Alliance: Cleantech Startups: Fledge Can Help

April 2012

Seattle 24×7: Fledge Is Born with a Pledge to Help Fledgling Startups

Social Earth: Fostering Social Enterprises in Seattle

GeekWire: Meet Fledge: The first incubator for ‘conscious’ companies

Xconomy: Fledge, a New Social Enterprise Incubator, Opening in Seattle

Sustainable Business Oregon: PSU’s Impact program ‘Elevates’ awards finalists

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