Distributed Energy Management

Distributed Energy Management

UPDATE: Sometimes the flaw is an assumption hiding in plain site.  In this case, a key to the business model was to set up a joint bank account with each customer.  The flaw is that opening a bank account requires approval by the board of directors, a process that can take months.  That added too much time and cost for acquiring customers and the company was unable to deal with those delays.

Utilities don’t have to be hard

We believe that energy, water, and waste are critical resources to the success of your organization. You need a warm office in the winter, a cool office in the summer and reliable power to produce the best possible products at the lowest cost to customers.

At Distributed Energy Management (DEM), we help you make data-driven decisions with tangible financial metrics, prioritized outcomes, and activity-based costing services that save you money.

Why we do it

30% of all energy consumed in the USA is wasted.

Our team is passionate about managing utilities as valued resources. We believe that end-users drive the many economic, security, and social consequences of their use. The best way to make a difference in improving all three is enabling end-users to make real, sound decisions.

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