Ensibuuko is the solution to the challenges facing microfinance institutions around the globe. Our solution is designed specifically for financial inclusion by experienced practitioners. By virtue of being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, we are aligning our incentives with those of our customers, creating a win-win scenario. We put the “Service” in Software-as-a-Service.

1 Mobis

Mobile money enabled SACCO Software built with Advanced data processing and reporting functionalities with an easy-to-use Interface

2 ChapChap

Deposit, withdraw, transfer money through mobile money. View your balance and mini-statement. Receive notifications on SMS.

3 Eco System

Our technology platform allows Ensibuuko to grow and provide new functionality quickly and easily for our customers.

4 Capacity Building

Our service to assist customers in the best uses of technology and guide them through the implementation process.


UPDATE: 2021

Ensibuuko raises $1 million from FCA Investments

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