Obamastove is unique in the cookstove market.  A for-profit company that has scaled to manufacture and sell over 250,000 cookstoves without any grants or big investments.  The best selling stove in Ethiopia (and neighboring countries), unsubsidized, profitably.

What sets the “Obama” stove apart from the hundreds of other stoves in Africa is how well it works for customers:

  • – The quality of the build.  Lasts for years.
  • – The efficiencyBurns half as much charcoal per meal.
  • – The priceRetails for US$10, a payback in <45 days.

Ethiopians know a good deal when they see it.  They have to, as even under US$10, that can be half a month’s total income.

See the stove in the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ catalog

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