Serve Smart

Serve Smart

Not all startups plans work out. Unfortunately Serve Smart is one of those plans. The flaw was a problem that was too much of a vitamin and not enough of an aspirin, and as such underappreciated by potential customers.

The Impact Abroad Toolkit, this course introduces the overarching theme that we serve smarter when we move from a charity approach to service to a partnership approach to service.

Learners completing this online course will be able to:

  • Distinguish between good intentions and the results of their actions
  • Summarize the core assumptions undergirding the charity and partnership approaches to service
  • Apply the charity and partnership frameworks to their own experiences of service
  • Critique the shortcomings of the charity approach using examples from international development
  • Identify principles of practicing ethical and effective service
  • Articulate their personal vision for how they seek to serve

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