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An online, shared, community calendar and database.

Aerial Industries

Helping eradicate hunger using aerial robots for crop dusting services in Africa, faster, safer, and at a lower cost than today's methods.

Africa Business Radio

Africa Business Radio, a streaming radio station and podcast network showcasing the growth and startup opportunities in Africa.

African Chicken

African Chicken solves poverty, hunger, and unemployment through chicken, by empowering rural women farmers in Tanzania with baby chicks to both feed her family and earn an income.

African Makers Media

AfricanMakersMedia.com makes mini-documentaries on young African inventors, connecting those "makers" to each other and to investors.


A cloud-based tool for tracking and optimizing operations on small to medium farms


Recycling plastic waste into a replacement for quarry stone, in and under concrete.

Asheba Enterprise

Mechanizing and aggregating shea butter in rural Ghana, helping women create an income for themselves and their children.

Awamu Biomass Energy

Awamu Biomass Energy manufactures and sells clean-burning cookstoves in Uganda.


Beautiful high-end handmade pima cotton and alpaca clothing made by Peruvian craftswomen in their home towns and villages, sold in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Bieera Energy

Using off-the-shelf micro-hydro power plants to take advantage of the megawatts of untapped, clean, carbon-free energy to bring electricity to Western Kenya.


Crowd-poultry production, gathering capital from middle-class Nigerians and foreigners in order to fund poultry production by smallholder farmers.

Brent Oils

Brent Oils recycles used motor oil into as-good-as-new motor oil, preventing the unseen environmental disaster in Uganda (and across Africa) cause by the dumping of used oils in waterways and landfills.

BridgeCare Finance

The first consumer lender focused on the un-affordability of child care in the U.S.

Bright Reality Entertainment

Non-scripted entertainment imbued with solutions to societal challenges.


Bottling nature's solution for healing and disinfection.

Broad Street Maps

Mapping and GIS services for global health organizations.

BURN Manufacturing

BURN Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of clean cookstoves in East Africa. As of mid-2016, BURN has sold 175,000 Jikokoa stoves through commercial channels, unsubsidized, in the past 3 years. BURN currently makes more than 1 stove per minute...

Chicken Basket

A two-stop shop for farmers in Western Kenya, providing chicks, feed, and medicines to grow chickens, then buying, processing, and distributing those chickens to the local markets, restaurants, and resellers.

Close to Home

An online marketplace for tiny homes.


Lowering post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables in Nigeria via cold storage rooms located within public markets.

Community Sourced Capital

Crowdlending for local businesses, filling in the gap left by banks, together funding the world you want to live in.


Ghana’s first mobile abled on-demand service platform for veterinary extension.


‪Crické‪ produces and markets healthy,‬ eco-friendly and tasty insect-based food products.


Cropital is a crowdfunding site for smallholder farmers in the Philippines, with a unique model provides profit sharing to investors, providing a true impact investment.

Deep Roots Foods

Deep Roots Foods is a manufacture of local, healthy, social responsible foods; a "co-packer" with integrity, that manufactures in smaller batches.


Anything you want or need, delivered to you in Lima, Peru, ordered through chat.

Distributed Energy Management

Flipping the common model of energy efficiency on its head, creating a financial-oriented "total utility budget" to better manage energy consumption and related investments.

East Africa Fruits

The largest aggregator of fruits and vegetables in Tanzania, working to enrich local farmers while improving quality. Working with hundreds of smallholder farmers, lowering post-harvest losses while increasing their farmers' incomes by 3x-4x.


On Our peer to peer leasing platform, nothing is out of reach. You can signup, to lease out items you own and get paid for doing so or lease items you need temporarily, from others.


Ecobuild aims to be the first carbon neutral manufacturer of red brick in Malawi.


Providing energy and drinkable water using a mix of solar, micro-hydro and battery storage, all fitted into a shipping container.


Ensibuuko is modernizing the SACCOs (saving and credit co-ops) in Uganda, putting their operations in the cloud and linking their customers via mobile phones.


Evrnu invented a process that makes cotton recyclable. In May 2016, Levi’s announced the world’s first pair of recycled jeans, using Evrnu’s technology. More big announcement are coming...

Feels Good

Neurological treatments using virtual reality.

Fuchsia Shoes

Beautiful, comfortable, unique hand-made shoes and accessories by artisans in South Asia, plus transparency so you know who made your shoes.


Geossy is rebuilding the fish industry in Uganda, teaching the former fish hunters how to be fish farmers, and leading by example growing tons of table-ready tilapia while also selling fingerlings and fish feed to the other fish farmers.


Designing and drilling wells in rural Ghana.

Golden Cat

Growers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables in Rwanda.

Green Charcoal Uganda

Green Charcoal converts discarded palm kernels, rice husks, coffee husks, and maize cobs into a replacement for both wood charcoal and firewood.


GreenChar produces charred and uncharred briquettes from sugarcane waste, replacing the unsustainable use of firewood in Kenya.


Connecting neighbors through an online social network.


An online marketplace connecting single mothers seeking some extra income with urban families seeking reliable help cleaning their homes.


Your personal power source recharged by water, wind, sun, fire, bicycles, muscles and more. Providing USB power to charge cellphones, tables, and LED lamps.


iGreengo is a platform for sharing and improving open green spaces and the environment while seeking to collaborate with the owners of these spaces.

iNergy AgTech

Hydroponic technologies, global best practices for agriculture, and AI/IoT monitoring technology for use in greenhouse growing, rooftop farming, green walls, and more.

Innovacion Integral e Inclusiva

Selling clean drinking water in peri-urban and rural Peru through a network of women-owned micro-franchises


Distributed production of honey by small coffee growers in Nicaragua for export to the U.S. and Europe.


Toilets, showers, and water for the slums of Kampala.


Solar-powered electricity convenience stores, recharging cellphones and other electrical devices in Tanzania and beyond.

Kalahari Honey

Saving elephants in Botswana, one bee at a time... one jar of honey at a time.

KARIBU Solar Power

Designing, manufacturing and distributing solar pay-as-you-go "business in a box" kits for small-scale entrepreneurs.


Giving a voice to local communities in the design processes of nonprofit and NGOs

Little Gray Farms

American's only domestic producer of escargot. Seems impossible, but 99% of the escargot eaten in the United States is imported from Europe, in cans. Little Gray Farms is making the "original slow food" a fresh, local, healthy food choice.


An online marketplace connecting local food producers with consumers


myTurn is a cloud-based service for tracking sharable and rentable items. Used by Fortune 100s, tool lending libraries, and hundreds of organizations in between.


Obamastove is unique in the cookstove market. A for-profit company that has scaled to manufacture and sell over 250,000 cookstoves without any grants or big investments. The “Obama” charcoal stove sells for under $7.50 in Ethiopia (and neighboring...

OBRI Tanzania

OBRI Tanzania produces, brands, and distributes sunflower oil in Tanzania.


Last mile logistics for African lighting, on and off the grid.


Growing and selling eggs for consumption and day-old chicks for local farmers.

Paniel Meat Processing and Livestock Bank

Making sausage and other meat products available and affordable to all income categories in Rwanda and neighboring countries.


A mobile app that lets you find an organization where you volunteer, right now!


Clothing made by inmates in Lima prisons, sold around the world.

Recy World

Recy World works in remote Nigerian rural communities to build sustainable cassava processing and packaging that help smallholder farmers end the cycles of poverty.


We use streets to help people better express themselves. And with our outdoor displays and projections we are shaping here new powerful street media.


Walk the streets. Help a person along the way. Give with clarity and without cash the moment you see a need, simply by tapping a notification on your phone.

Santo de Piedra Mezcal

Artisan crafted mezcal made from 10 year old agave in Oaxaca, Mexico, shipped around the world


A marketplace connecting green builders with green building vendors.

Self Spark

Leveraging the best of behavioral science and emerging technology to make changing your life as easy as possible.

Serve Smart

Providing volunteers with essential tools and training for their international volunteer experience, maximizing their effectiveness in-country.

Shift Labs

Well designed, low cost medical devices for the developing world, veterinarians, and after the FDA allows, Americans too.


Simpolfy wants the government to work for you, providing tools to let your representatives know how you feel, and report cards to hold them accountable to their voters.

Sintala Design

Furniture, siding, flooring and other solid wood products from wood trimmings.

Snohomish Soap

Local, natural, handcrafted soap, made by moms and other women society disenfranchises

Start.coop (2018)

The first accelerator for co-ops, a new path to make it easier and faster to build new cooperative enterprises, at scale. Based in Boston, Start.coop is innovating co-operative company development by providing mentorship, platform services...

Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery

Small format grocery stores, bringing healthy food to mixed-income neighborhoods which supermarkets have overlooked.

Swahili Honey

Central Park Bees partners with smallholder farmers in Tanzania to increase their income through sustainable beekeeping.

Tansa Clean

Cleaning the rivers and lakes of India, by turning human waste into value instead of pollution.


Teaching African youth how solar power works, so that they can create solar solutions that work for them and their families.

The Land Accelerator 2018

The World Resources Institute and Fledge partnered to create The Land Accelerator (2018), a 4-day intense program for entrepreneurs building businesses in Africa that restore the land.

Trash Backwards

Helping everyone reuse gently used items, rather than buying new.


Treepex is an easy-to-use platform to plant trees, either for yourself or as a gift.


A marketplace and delivery service for urban-grown and urban-made food.

Vigorous Materials

Vigorous Materials has invented a sustainable replacement for gypsum drywall.

Village Green

Building capacity and community for green/conscious businesses through resource sharing.


We-Convert makes it easy for the 1.2 billion Indians to recycle, using technology and rewards.


Visualization and analysis of public data to optimize and make better business and management decisions.


X-Shirt vision is to bring full transparency to the textile supply chain.


Commercial scale aggregator, processor, and distributor of goat products, empowering local communities in Zambia.


Converting used cooking oil in Nairobi, Kenya into biodiesel and other products of value.


Zirconia is the end of rust. A nontoxic, room temperature, spray-on coating that prevents steel from rusting. Forever.

Ziweto Enterprise

Ziweto Enterprise brings veterinarian services and agrovet shops to rural farmers across Malawi.

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