2017: the year of the take off for Sustainable Fashion brands?


Two of our impactful startups from Fledge 8 in Lima: Pieta and Ayni expanded into retail this year. They’ve also have had international Press recognition ( see Bloomberg and Press Pieta ).

Pieta opened 3 Popup Stores in Lima and expects to open 2 more in 2018 plus a store in Cusco. Ayni on the other hand, opened a store in Lima this year with 2 more to come next year.

They also have plans to revamp their respective e-commerce platforms in 2018 through partnerships with experienced operators.

A yearly increase of 100% and 50% respectively is not only very impressive in economic terms but will also impact dozens of vulnerable families that work with these startups ( inmates & rural artisans).

Peru’s vast natural resources and multicultural society created a world-class level of food and restaurant services and now these two components shall do the same for the Sustainable Fashion industry in the years to come.

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