Applications are in…


A big THANK YOU to all the applicants for the Winter 2013 program.

It is amazing the breadth of “conscious” ideas that exist around the world.  That breadth was augmented by applications from over a dozen countries worldwide, plus a similar number of US states and Canadian provinces.

In fact, what is quite nice to see in this latest round of applications are the number of applicants from outside of Seattle.  While we think Seattle could very well be the center of excellence for conscious companies, there is talent worldwide, and Fledge expects to work with companies from far and wide.

Now comes the hard part… picking just seven of these teams to invite as the next fledglings.

Over the coming month, we’ll be interviewing the top teams, digging into their ideas, and determining which mix we can help the most, and which can potentially best help each other.

Meanwhile… we continue working with our Summer 2012 fledglings, helping them take flight with their new companies.

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