The Best Inventions of 2022: Evnru’s NuCycl


Every year, we collectively throw away 50 million tons of clothes and other textiles worldwide. With its 100% waste-based, fully recyclable NuCycl fiber, launched in April, Evrnu aspires to create a virtuous textile cycle. NuCycl is made by chemically liquefying old textiles into their essential molecules, purifying the liquid pulp, and then extruding the pulp into fibers to be spun into yarn. Clothes made with NuCycl fibers can be fully recycled, says Stacy Flynn, CEO and co-founder of Evrnu. Right now, the NuCycl process works for cotton, but Evrnu hopes to produce fibers from other materials in the future. With national clothing brand agreements in hand, the Seattle-based company is now building a new facility run largely on renewable energy capable of recycling 17,000 metric tons of pulp a year.

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