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If you are an entrepreneur with a story of such a company, submit a story about your company. Talk about your (potential) impact on the world, the problem you are solving, and how your company is unique.

If you are an impact investor, submit a story about your investments.  What made you excited about those companies?  What do you look for in new investments?  What groups are you a member of?

If you are running an event, submit it to the site.  Write up a story about the purpose of the event, the audience, the reasons for attending.

If you play another role in the ecosystem, submit a story about that role.  What do you do to support startups?  What drew you into the sustainable, clean, green, conscious ecosystem?

If you have an opinion, submit it.  BloomTimes aims to be more than just reprocessed press releases.  It’s a community resource, to share ideas as well as news.


Finally… if you have no stories to share right now… then simply stop by and read all these stories, events, and opinions.

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