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Two moms have taken on a global problem, trash. Rebecca Rockefeller and Liesl Clark developed and launched a simple-to-use, colorful web app to help us reuse the stuff that is no longer needed around our homes and offices. The site includes a huge directory of reuse and upcycle tutorials, reliable articles and infographics, sustainable alternatives to common single-use plastics, local recycling information, and links to local non-profits and other groups who will benefit greatly from the things we typically throw away.

800x550 TrashBackwardsIt’s incredibly easy! Simply select your location then input the item you want to “Get Rid Of” or “Reuse.” If you’re looking for general zero waste inspiration, browse reduce, reuse, and rethink ideas by clicking on “Get Inspired.” Trash Backwards is soliciting feedback from beta testers now, and will be rolling out frequent upgrades, including the addition of social integration to allow you to “like” certain solutions, indicate whether you “did it,” and comment. You can also share their own reduce, reuse, recycle solutions, using the “Add Solution” form.

Trash Backwards has partnered with Seattle’s King County to input all of their hard-to-recycle items into the database so Seattle residents can learn of the myriad organizations that will take them. “Our hope is that each solution will help reduce the waste going to our landfills, incinerators, and ultimately into our waters,” says Liesl Clark who, along with Rebecca Rockefeller, has volunteered the past year of her time to research and curate the best ways to inspire people to reduce their plastic impact on the planet.

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