Introducing FledgeX


The worst part about running Fledge has been turning away the hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking help.  For Fledge6 (Spring 2015), this would have been more than 95% of all applicants, over 150 teams including hundreds of entrepreneurs from 45 countries.

To fix this problem, Fledge is announcing FledgeX.  Our new Autumn program, bringing our full-scale, best-of-breed conscious company accelerator to every city on the globe, by moving it online.  Re-worked for virtual co-working.  Attuned to the many timezones and regions of the global entrepreneurs.

Designed to scale to meet the needs of dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs worldwide.

[threecol_one] Covers (4+3)
The Next Step, the same entrepreneurship training as our in-person flagship program.
[/threecol_one][threecol_one] Mentors
Hundreds of mentors from around the world, who will press you and pull and fill you with advice.
[/threecol_one][threecol_one_last] Fledge6 Applicant Map
A Network of Support
Ongoing support to help ensure your startup continues forward after the program ends.
[/threecol_one_last] [threecol_one] Sep-Nov
7 Weeks
Twice weekly sessions, plus time for mentorship and work on your business.
[/threecol_one][threecol_one] intense3
The knowledge and effort required to start a startup, squeezed into just 10 weeks.
[/threecol_one][threecol_one_last] Dollar Heart
Revenue based
The fees are primarily paid from your future revenues. 1% to us, 99% to grow your business.


Applications are open now for the 2015 session, September 28-November 13.


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