Zirconia – Immortalizing Steel


Zirconia immortalizes steel. The modern, industrial world is built on steel, which before Zirconia was destined to all rust away.

The breakthrough this team is bringing to market is a non-toxic, economically sustainable, spray-on ceramic that glassifies the surface of steel, applied indoors or outdoors at room temperature, applicable to new construction as well as existing, rusty surfaces.

With this invention, Zirconia founders Benjamin Cook and Muralee Balaguru are expecting ceramics will become the standard in the steel coating industry and the global answer for corrosio.

During their time at Fledge, Zirconia has taking advantage of “mentor whiplash,” refining their go-to-market plan, their funding strategy, and crafting a simple story to explain this to both investors and customers.

Come meet Zirconia in-person on Demo Day, Wednesday, June 7th.

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