Ecobuild is rising without heat


So, a quality brick without fire? It’s possible! Ecobuild is on its way to producing a new brick for Malawi, a country that uses 1.7 billion brick every year, that doesn’t require firing or cement.  Additionally, this method is able to put waste from broken and misshapen bricks that was previously thrown away, back into the supply stream for new bricks. Construction materials are in high demand in Malawi and Ecobuild has found a way to meet this demand with a drastic reduction in deforestation and emissions while remaining price competitive.

Malawi’s primary building material is red brick and it is used in the construction of the majority of homes and commercial properties. Most of these bricks are produced by artisans using firewood and inefficient kilns, an unsustainable practice in a country almost entirely deforested. There is no enforcement of safety and environmental standards the vast majority of this brick is misshaped and lacks strength. Ecobuild has the solution

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