A “Conscious” Ecosystem


Creating a thriving ecosystem of companies capable of tackling the “conscious consumer” market requires a few components, most of which exist today, plus a few which we can easily add:

  1. Education – multiple layers of meetups, certificates, and degrees to fill the gaps of knowledge
  2. Talent and Passion – people with the know-how and drive to create and operate companies
  3. Gatherings – locations and events which continually bring these people together
  4. Mentorship – passing knowledge from entrepreneurial generation to generation
  5. Incubation/Acceleration – to increase the speed and lower the risks of new startups
  6. Funding – to further speed up the process, and formally tie previous successes to new endeavors

The first four components exist today, at sufficient scales in certain cities (e.g.Seattle, WA).

As for #5, few business incubators or accelerators exist dedicated to this market.  The purpose of Fledge is to fill this gap.

And funding (#6) is on the rise, but this will come in time.  When programs like Fledge start churning out dozens of vetted, viable, well-trained companies per year, the funding sources will follow, whether motivated by the social consciousness of the businesses, or simply acting out of the standard capitalistic model of profits flowing from meeting unmet needs.

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in Fledge can submit an online application.

Mentors interested in sharing their experience can sign up online.

Investors can learn more here.


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