Introducing Ayni… today for you, tomorrow for me


Fledge8 includes Ayni, a Peruvian fashion company who’s name comes from a local turn of phrase meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me.”  A fashion company integrating sophisticated Danish design with a distributed production model promoting conscientious living through high quality Peruvian fibers and ancient handcrafted practices.

Or in simpler words, beautiful handmade pima cotton and alpaca clothing made by Peruvian craftswomen in their home towns and villages.

Sold at a multitude of boutiques, at Barney’s and online through Revolve.

ayni-in-harpers ayni-in-satoralist ayni-in-hola ayni-in-vogue-2 ayni-in-vogue-1 –

The impact of high end fashion?  Textiles is a big industry in Peru.  But as Peru becomes a middle-income country, this industry is being lost to Bangladesh and other low-income countries, unless that is Peruvian clothing companies step up the value chain launching fashion brands, rather than making clothing for other brands.

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