A Fresh Take on Startup Accelerators for Social Enterprise


Some additional backstory on Fledge, from Forbes.com

When people consider launching startup accelerators for social enterprises, there’s always the nagging question: Does the classic model work? Is three months enough to address the complicated issues founders must wrestle with?

Michael “Luni” Libes has an answer.

Libes has formed a new accelerator for mission-driven companies in Seattle called Fledge (as in fledgling bird about to take flight). It will provide the usual mentoring and other services other accelerators offer. But its first class of seven, which will commence in a few weeks, is going to be just nine weeks long.

Why? Instead of targeting any old for-profit social enterprise, he’s accepting “conscious companies”, defined on the web site as enterprises “addressing an enormous opportunity, the large and growing number of consumers (who) are increasingly environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, conscious of sustainability, of community, and even conscious of consumption, itself.”

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