Stockbox Grocers on First Hill


Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery is expanding this summer to First Hill.

This store expands the Stockbox mission, began two years ago with a prototype in Delridge, and less than a year ago with the first production store in South Park.  As stated on the Stockbox blog:

To our new First Hill neighbors: we are dedicated to building a store that represents the uniqueness of your community and, to do that, we need your help. Over the next few months, we will offer opportunities for you to contribute to the development of the inventory design.

To our South Park neighbors: while opening a second store will require a tremendous amount of energy and investment, we also remain dedicated to continually improving the experience at our South Park store.

This expansion is not just in number of stories, but also in size.  Whereas the South Park store is just over 500 square feet, the new First Hill store is 2,000 square feet.  Located near Harborview Hospital, this new store will serve a downtown neighborhood that lacks access to fresh groceries.

More such neighborhoods exist around Seattle, and in nearly all American cities.  It’s exciting to see Stockbox meet this challenge, and improve the lives of the neighbors in these lucky neighborhoods.

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