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Twice per year we invite a handful of companies into Fledge.  This month is our fourth-ever session, our most sought after ever, and our first truly international group.  Six new fledgling, again targeting a wide variety of impacts, markets, and geographies.

Most exciting is that three of these companies are actively doing business in Tanzania.  Nearly as exciting is that five of the six companies are not based in Seattle.  In less than two years, Fledge has grown from a Seattle-centric accelerator of idea-stage companies, to an recognized, global accelerator of established impactful startups.

But enough about Fledge… time to meet the new fledglings:

Activate 300x225Activate Hub allows you to discover events, organizations and people impacting your community.

Community-conscious: building active communities  http:/


Broad Street Maps 300x225Broad Street Maps equips health organizations with mapping techniques to visualize and improve their services.

Health-conscious: improving the impact of global health initiatives
Based in Boston, Massachusets


Distributed Energy Management 300x150Distributed Energy Management helps business owners save money in utility bills, via a unique budgeting strategy system..

Environmentally-conscious: saving energy
Based in Bremerton, Washington


EA Fruits Farm 300x225EA Fruits Farm – Bringing the best-practices of modern fruit and vegetable farming to Tanzania.

Health-conscious: providing healthy fruits and vegetables
Based in Tanzania


Juabar 300x225Juabar Design – Creating profitable energy franchises by investing in Tanzanian entrepreneurs (Juapreneurs) to bring solar recharging kiosks to their communities.

Environmentally-conscious: renewable energy
Based in Oakland, California, doing business in Tanzania


KARIBU 300x225Karibu Solar – Affordable modular solar “business in a box” for African entrepreneurs who sell solar daily at the price of kerosene.

Environmentally-conscious: renewable energy
Based in Toronto, Canada, doing business in Tanzania


Meet them in person at “Demo Day”

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 @ Impact Hub Seattle

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