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2/03/2014 @ 1:38PM |40 views

Social Entrepreneurs In Seattle Are Scaling To Change The World

Michael “Luni” Libes is the founder of Fledge, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs in Seattle that has already launched some remarkable social enterprises.

Community Sourced Capital is one the “Fledglings,” the startup companies launched at Fledge. The company created a crowdfunding platform for making zero interest loans for local, community-based businesses.

Close to Home, another Fledgling company, is a manufacturer of post-disaster shelters designed to keep people in our near their homes during reconstruction. Close to Home has three models, including one with kitchen and bathroom that can be used for up to two years.

On February 3, 2014 at 6:00 Eastern Libes will join me for a live discussion with some of the executives from his Fledglings, including Casey Dilloway and Rachel Maxwell of Community Sourced Capital and Rachel Stamm of Close to Home.

Tune in and listen while you work.


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