114 applications from 88 cities


“Wow!” sums it up nicely.  114 applicants want to be fledglings.  That is a new record for Fledge, up from 99 for the Autumn session, almost double the 65 from last year’s Spring session.

What is even more exciting is that these applications are now coming from around the world.  88 cities in 32 countries.  For the first time, most of the applications are from outside the USA.

We are busy interviewing these teams, with a goal of picking seven invitees before the end of January.

That is always been a difficult process, and getting harder each time as not only do we receive more applications, but the quality goes up each and every session as well.  This means that less than 7% of the applicants will be invited as fledglings.  For the rest, we’re about to launch some online educational materials which should provide some advice and guidance.  More details on that, and the list of fledglings soon.

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