3 steps every applicant should follow


After receiving (and reviewing) almost 2,000 applications, it seems long overdue to provide some guidance to the applicants on how to best apply to Fledge.

1. Do some homework

Read the about page, the details, and the FAQ.  Watch the video explaining What Happens at Fledge.

For even more homework, pick up a copy of The Next Step, which is the core of the classroom material taught within Fledge.

2. Read the annotated application

In the annotated application, we explain question by question why we ask each question and what we expect to learn from your answers.

In some cases we even provide you examples of poor, good, and great answers.

3. Apply early

We publish a deadline months in advance.  Do not wait until the last day.  In fact, do not wait until the final week.

It is much better to apply a few weeks early.  We review the early applications and have time for a conversation with those entrepreneurs.  After the deadline, we have hundreds of applications to review, interviews to conduct, and little time to share advice, and no time to iterate on the answers.

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