Doing your business in Uganda


Talking about doing your business, Americans take for granted how simple it is to “do your business”, flush, and get on with the day? Not the case in Uganda. The dirty truth is that only 6% of 36 million Ugandans have access to safe, clean sanitation facilities. The 3 million people in Kampala share just 1,000 flushable toilets.

Fledge9 introduces Joelex, a Ugandan startup with a mission to not only fix this “business” problem, but to eventually turn that waste into clean energy for cooking, lighting, and electricity for residents in rural and urban communities in Uganda. In the first five weeks at Fledge, Joelex has worked through the details to launch its next 20 toilet and shower facilities in the slums of Kampala over the next two years.

Their first facility is already up and running, already earning money, and Joelex has high hopes to bring affordable, clean, and healthy sanitation to all the residents of Kampala and other neighboring communities.

See what Joelex and the other Fledglings bring to Demo Day on June 7, 2017

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