Five Years of Impact… Measured


Fledge is over five years old, and for that half decade and more the industry has been debating how to measure the impact of a company and a portfolio.  Using the Pinchot Impact Index, Fledge is able to not only do that, but also to show how that measure changes from session to session.

More specifically, we measure three levels of impact for our portfolio of fledglings: the potential of the idea to change the world, the intended impact of the startup itself, and the amount of impact the company has actually achieved.

All measures continue their upward climb.  All the trend lines include the loss of 10 (out of 70) fledglings, who have shut down their startups.

The high potential impact is driven by two fledglings.  Evrnu, which invented a process that makes cotton recyclable.  Zirconia, which has invented a spray-on coating that will eliminate rust from steel.  These ideas each have the potential to effect tens of billions of lives and shift trillions of dollars of infrastructure spending.

Those companies will not be alone in addressing those issues, and thus the total intended impacts are lower.  The big jump in Fledge9 is from Zirconia.

Meanwhile, most of the fledglings are still quite young, and thus the total achieved impact is still quite small.  Change takes time.

To dig into the details of the P0.748, see the list of fledglings or watch the videos.

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