The Global Impact Accelerator Program, powered by Fledge


The Global Impact Accelerator Program is the first accelerator helping global impact businesses move to Canada under its Startup-Visa Program.

This is a comprehensive, 4-month program powered by Fledge, operated by targeting companies in healthcare, progressive food, sustainability, creative economy, and cleantech. Based in Vancouver, the Canadian leader for impact entrepreneurship, and the #1 ranked startup ecosystem in Canada.

We are excited to bring back into the Fledge community (they helped us run our experimental FledgeX) and doubly excited that this program is different than all our other programs. It’s does invite companies from across the global to participate, but rather than having everyone go home at the end, they all moving to Canada, earning their residency by being entrepreneurs.

The invitees for the first session are already picked out and invited. The program is set to start in January. We’ll announce the companies as soon as all the paperwork is completed and accepted.

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