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Everyone thinks there are entrepreneurs everywhere (and that seems true), and everyone thinks there are Angels everywhere too (and that seems not as true).

The Angel Accelerator makes more Angel investors, teaching people how to invest in startups by having them invest in startups in a safe, controlled, curated program.


The program teaches a variety of topics. Participants meet weekly for lectures, workshops, and curated conversations.


Participants don’t just learn how to invest, they actually invest, using the capital from the participants, into investment(s) chosen by the cohort.


The new investors are then part of a global network of fellow graduates, with continued guidance to make more group-based investments.

In short, the program walks prospective investors through a structured process, learning how to invest by being investors. Learning within a cohort of other new investors. Learning alongside entrepreneurs, who are eager for the guidance only investors can provide. All facilitated by experts in entrepreneurship and investing.

This all begins with seven free webinars, all but the first Wednesday in January and February, 2021. Two times and two programs to pick from:

Wednesdays, 6pm CET for the Africa Angel Accelerator
Wednesdays,6pm PT / 9pm for the Fledge Angel Accelerator
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