The Nature Accelerator 2018

Eight new fledglings have started The Nature Accelerator, powered by Fledge at the University of Padova in Italy.   Central Park Bees Limited partners with smallholder farmers and beekeepers to strengthen their income through sustainable beekeeping by giving them access to free beekeeping training, equipment loans, extension services and guaranteed markets that offer competitive prices for...

A taste of Fledge11 Demo Day

Seven fledglings took to the stage on December 14, 2017.  Videos of all those talks will be posted on the Fledge YouTube channel.
Meanwhile, this video is a few highlights of that night’s events.

And don’t miss the behind the scenes view of “… everything changes more better” posted last week.

Unexpected connections in Fledge Barcelona

A doctor in Nigeria decides he could make more impact growing chickens.  Not just growing them one by one or 1,000 by 1,000, but by launching a company where middle-class Nigerians can fund Nigerian farmers to raise chickens, sharing in the profits. Meanwhile, a Nigerian nurse decides she could make more impact working with widowed and single women smallholder farmers, helping them automate...

Meet the Fledge11 Fledglings

Fledge begins again!  10 intense weeks for seven new fledglings.  This time in a brand new city, Barcelona. We’re excited to have a cohort filled mostly with West African companies.  For the previous ten sessions we’ve had quite a few East African and Southern African startups, but none in person from Ghana before. We’re even more excited that two of these companies are founded...

Fledge11 in Barcelona

Fledge is excited to announce its third city: Barcelona, Spain. For 2017, Fledge9 is in Seattle April-June, Fledge10 back in Lima July-September, and Fledge11 in Barcelona September-November. Applications for Fledge Peru are due April 15st and as soon as we’re done reviewing those, we’ll open application for Fledge Barcelona. €15,000 per team, hundreds of mentors, and the same...

Fledge5 Demo Day

Watch the Fledge5 “Demo Day” video: Seven inspirational, mission-driven, for-profit companies, aiming to improve the world in seven ways: Making cotton recyclable Making digital billboards social Making China’s buildings greener Bringing affordable, clean-burning cookstoves to every Ethiopian Bringing transparency to government Bringing fresh escargot to America Hoisting Kenya...

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