GoGreen Seattle, Why Fledge?

Originally posted at GoGreen Seattle Our team met up with Michael “Luni” Libes for a one on one interview to find out more about the successful entrepreneur and the driving force behind Fledge. Read along to find out more about what inspires Luni to support young entrepreneurs and how the the “conscious company” accelerator is helping entrepreneurs who are bringing products and services to the...

For Profit, For Good

Seattle Leads the Way in Social Entrepreneurship Doing good and doing business, in the minds of many, are two separate things. But there’s a growing movement to change that, and Seattle is at the forefront of it. This change is being fueled by people who have a new vision for business. One that focuses not just on the bottom line, but on what’s called the triple bottom line: profit, people and... Scaling To Change The World

    Devin Thorpe, Contributor to 2/03/2014 @ 1:38PM |40 views Social Entrepreneurs In Seattle Are Scaling To Change The World Michael “Luni” Libes is the founder of Fledge, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs in Seattle that has already launched some remarkable social enterprises. Community Sourced Capital is one the “Fledglings,” the startup companies launched at Fledge. The...

Not for Profit Only (Kauffman ID8)

Kauffman ID8 Nation highlights Seattle as the center of social entrepreneurship. A city full of companies and organizations that believe they can do well by doing good. With mentoring and financial support from older entrepreneurs Seattle’s younger entrepreneurs are discovering a new way of doing business. Learn how social entrepreneurs are making a living saving the world.   Featuring: Nick...

Wall Street Journal: Build a Company that Matters

From the Wall Street Journal: GUEST MENTOR, Michael “Luni” Libes, founder and managing director of Fledge and entrepreneurship instructor at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute:  The better question is not how can startups incorporate social good, but why don’t more startups do this already? Out in the market of ideas, the vast majority of entrepreneurs focus on products or services that save the...

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