#SocEnt Weekend: Next 50


Ready to try your hand at being a social entrepreneur?  Have an idea that you would like to turn into a company, but are not sure where to start, or what to do next?  Or are you eager to join the movement of socially-minded companies, with no idea of your own, but talents to share with others?

#SocEnt Weekend is a 50-hour, one-weekend, hands-on workshop, where you can learn how to be a social entrepreneur.  Learn what startup life is like.  All while meeting others with similar hopes and dreams.

At the first #SocEnt Weekend back in February, 60 attendees pitched 37 ideas on Friday night, including three from Mike McGinn, Mayor of Seattle.  By Sunday, 13 teams presented their plans.  Some of these plans have continued on into “real life” startups.  One of these teams, myTurn, just graduated from Fledge.

More details and tickets at http://socentweekend.org

Brought to you by: Fledge, HUB Seattle, and Nsansa

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