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Conscious (a.k.a. impact) entrepreneurship is not unique to any one country. It is a global phenomenon. The same is true for impact investing.

And yet, the global reach of Fledge continues to amaze us and our followers. For example:

Top 14 countries watching videos on

Only 15% of the Fledge videos are watched by Americans. Peru is #2, which is not surprising as the first place Fledge replicated was Lima, after starting in Seattle. Barcelona was the third city, and Padua (Italy) the third. You’ll find fledglings in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Malawi, plus one in India, on in the UK, and one in Zambia.

Break it down and the list seems reasonable, but this is just 25% of the viewership. YouTube lists only the top 50, and that doesn’t get to half of the views.

The second dozen most popular countries for

Given Fledge has received applications from more than 100 countries, statistics like this should not be a surprise, but they continue to be.

The key learning here is that here in the 2010’s, it is possible for a tiny staff to build a company with a global reach. That was unaffordable to all but the largest multi-nationals 20 years ago. Now it’s a free YouTube channel, a free Twitter account, a free Facebook account, plus some MailChimp and other content marketing tools beyond social media.

But before ending on that lesson, do note that this global reach for Fledge is based on Google having built out a global reach for YouTube. Looking at the country demographics for @FledgeLLC on Twitter, and the results are far more American:

Viewership of @FledgeLLC tweets

Twitter may be global, but it is far more popular in the U.S. than elsewhere. So 59% of Fledge’s tweets are viewed by American vs. just 15% of our YouTube videos. Big difference. And as we have just one UK fledgling and none in Russia, France, or Australia, we’re likely seeing Twitter’s global footprint in these statistics more than Fledge’s.

Lesson #2, remember that the global reach of the channel makes a difference in the reach you’ll get through that channel.

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